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I am able to adapt and pick up new skills quickly and easily.
Document systems and processes in order to streamline and ensure all required steps have been completed in a fast and efficient manner.
Manage small teams of people for example at a wildlife reserve where I managed a small fluctuating team that included both other employees and volunteers.
3D Modeller for rendering in programs like Daz 3D Studio and for use in virtual worlds.
Managed the movement and control of thousands of items of stock worth up to £150,000 per day in a high profile retail store.
Worked with animals, including breeding with Golden Retrievers, Shetland Sheepdogs, Abyssinian cats, Saanen goats, and endangered birds.

A small selection of what I have done as a programmer:
Client launcher for a multiplayer game in C#.
Server account database for recording virtual currency transactions in PHP/MySQL.
Web front end for the above to track income and expenses in PHP/MySQL with the Yii framework.
Created an online content, document management software & web collaboration system in server side Java.
Other miscellaneous programming including in Microsoft Office (MS Excel and MS Access) in order to speed up business processes, and in some cases process things that were not possible manually.

I also enjoy travelling and taking photos wherever I go (including being the official photographer for a band for a couple of years), and have a reasonable size archive of photographs from a variety of places, predominantly New Zealand, UK, and France.

I have a diverse work history that allows me to see problems from different points of view; this allows me to come up with better solutions that cover a range of possible issues, which means less nasty surprises later on and a much better success rate. I can back up the technical side of things with my degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and a Master's degree in Technology.

Please feel free to have a look around this site, as there is a lot of good information located in the different sections. Although I lost all the code that I created for this site in a burglary early in 2003 (including all backups), all the information about it is here, and I hope that you find it useful.

Daniel Hean

To contact me (send me an email), please use the form here, or contact me on Google+