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This research concentrates on giving people the ability to collaborate on documents to allow group creation and editing, co-operative authoring, and creating content/document management software, especially for use on the web.  One of the driving forces behind using the Web is to use a technology that is currently widely available and accessible by anyone, anywhere at anytime.

The idea of Web collaboration had some of its roots back in the original ideas for the Web, as well as paper based document management, and it has the potential to be a very useful contribution to the Internet community.

There are many options for collaboration already available over the Internet.  Options for collaboration over the Internet include using IRC to talk (or type) interactively, email and Usenet for less immediate communications, and web pages for demonstrations and the like, these are just a few of the possibilities.

YEdit was a system that was created in order to solve the problem of easily editing and managing the content of web sites, while keeping the history of the site (to preserve and document the changes that have been made), and to ensure that the integrity of the site remains high (by having a record of all the changes, who made them, and when).

Combined with access controls both for accessing a page to edit, as well as controls on who can read it, provides a wide range of security, all of which are backed up by the full history of the page.

The range of access controls for editing goes from only allowing one verified person to edit a page, through to pages that are editable by the general public. The same range of controls exist for reading a page, ranging from private pages that only one person can access, through to pages that the general public can access.

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