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In order to help you to add a link to YEdit from your site, I have supplied some examples of links and the code below.

You can link to the main page of YEdit with one of the following:

Online Content, Document Management Software & Web Collaboration. A resource site for collaborative document content management software system(s), and other related group and web collaboration software information.

Content Management System, Web Collaboration, Useful information for you. An information resource for collaborative content management systems and other related web collaboration software.

Content, Document Management Software, Web Collaboration, Useful Information for you

Note: Please copy the image to your server and link to that image.

Or a sub-page,

using either the title of the page, or one of the above with the title/shortened title. Such as below.

Business Collaboration

Business Document Management Software. Business document management, what is it, is there any way to improve it, and does it need improving and what document management software is there?


If you wish me to swap links, add a URL or link to my links page, or submit a site for me to link to, please copy one of the examples above, put it on that site, contact me, and I will add it (providing the site and link are on topic and appropriate, please note, I do this by hand ;-)